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Do you own a house that is in serious need of repairs?
Do you own a house that has been condemned?
Did the City issue demolition orders on the property?
Are you frustrated with owning a property with little or no value?
Would the neighborhood benefit from the house being demolished?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Huron County Land Bank may be able to help! Our Non-Profit organization may be able to accept your property as a donation or deed-in-lieu of tax foreclosure.

Huron County Land Bank will only be able to consider properties for donation or deed-in-lieu of tax foreclosure under these conditions: The property must be free of any judgment liens or other encumbrances, which may include but are not limited to mortgages, mechanic's liens and/or state-federal liens;

Property owners who wish to donate a property to the Land Bank, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, may be able  to claim their donation as tax deductible. Seek the advice of a tax consultant. All property taxes must be paid in full for this transfer to be considered a donation.

Property owners who are delinquent on property taxes may wish to convey property to the Huron County Land Bank in lieu of foreclosure per Section 5722.10 of the Ohio Revised Code.  In Section 5722.10 ,upon transfer of a free and clear title to the property, all delinquent real estate taxes and assessments shall be abated as provided by law.

This statement is NOT a binding offer. The Huron County Land Bank is NOT committed to accept property. If interested in donating or deed-in-lieu of tax foreclosure please fill out application and mail to Huron County Land Bank, c/o Huron County Development Council, 180 Milan Ave. Norwalk, OH 44857. For questions, call (419) 663-4232. 


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